The 9 Best Jack Skellington Tumblers For Halloween

The 9 Best Jack Skellington Tumblers For Halloween

Featuring an iconic image from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, these Jack Skellington tumblers will set the mood of pure Halloween fun as they are served at any Halloween-themed party. Halloween is the best time of year to have fun, but if you are going to go all out, you need the right Halloween gifts.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a film that has left a lasting mark in Hollywood and popular culture. You’ve probably seen this movie at least once or twice, even if you can’t remember the name of the town they were in. A lot of times, people refer to The Nightmare Before Christmas as a Halloween-themed movie due to its dark and creepy vibe. One of the most memorable characters in this movie is Jack Skellington. If you aren’t familiar with this character, he’s a skeleton with a pumpkin head who likes to menace the children of New York City. His design has become iconic, and he has become a landmark character within this beloved movie.

Finding the perfect Jack Skellington Tumblers is no easy task. There are so many variations of these cups out there, but they all have one thing in common: they’re awesome. With that said, I have decided to compile a list of some of my favorite Jack Skellington tumblers for Halloween for your viewing pleasure to make it faster for you to choose one that suits your needs.

Personalized Jack Skellington Ghost Dog Zero Tumbler

We all know that Jack Skellington is the main character in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. But, we may not have known that this character has even appeared on a Halloween gift! What makes this tumbler special is that it can be personalized with your own name or the name of someone special. The delicate detailing with pink and blue background on this classic tumbler will make any fan of this film proud to share their favorite drink with everyone they know. Our personalized Jack Skellington Tumbler is an excellent gift for any Halloween party, whether it’s coming from a child or from an adult. The kids will love this fun tumbler as much as their parents do!

Jack Skellington Ghost Dog Zero Tumbler Custom Name Gift 1
Jack Skellington Ghost Dog Zero Tumbler

Spooky Jack Skellington Face Tumbler

You can’t go wrong with this spooky Jack Skellington tumbler. This gift set includes one 20oz plastic tumbler, which has the Jack Skellington face printed on it. You can see his face on its front side, while there are some scary designs around him. Whether you’re a big fan of Nightmare Before Christmas or just enjoy someone’s funny mug, you will definitely want to add this to your holiday fun! This is perfect for movie nights or just a fun way to drink your favorite soda.

Jack Skellington Face Tumbler Spooky Halloween Gift 1
Spooky Jack Skellington Face Tumbler

Impressive Jack Skellington Funny Face Tumbler

The Jack Skellington funny face tumbler is a fun, novelty item that won’t just make your guests laugh and remember the movies they watched when they were younger. The Jack Skellington Tumbler is a realistic tumbler glass that features Jack’s face around the tumbler and gives you many different emotions to choose from behind each other (such as sadness, happiness, anger, and so on). Give your friends a chance to have fun with this funny Jack Skellington Funny Face Tumble. It can be used as a fun Halloween party gag or as an excellent gift for Halloween.

Jack Skellington Funny Face Tumbler The Nightmare Before Christmas Gift 1
Jack Skellington Funny Face Tumbler

Jack Skellington True Love Tumbler

Why drink out of a plastic cup when you can have fun drinking out of a specially-designed Jack Skellington Sally True Love tumbler? This unique tumbler will make your friends jealous. A delightful tumbler is featuring Jack Skellington and Sally holding hands on the moon. The sweet scene makes this thing perfect for anyone who loves Halloween or Jack Skellington. This tumbler is so cute that it could make a great Halloween gift idea, especially if you’re planning on having Halloween parties at home or in your office!

Flowery Jack Skellington Pumpkin Skull Tumbler

Tired of getting the same boring Halloween drinkware? Well, here’s a great alternative, and it will make your Halloween a little more fun! This flowery Jack Skellington pumpkin skull tumbler is very easy to use with its leakproof lid and wide opening. This cute and classy tumbler will surely be a hit with guests, especially with its pumpkin-style design, and it looks absolutely fabulous with the red color. The appearance of this tumbler also makes for a wonderful Halloween gift idea for any hard-to-buy-for person in your life!

Jack Skellington Funny Pumpkin Skull Tumbler Halloween Gift 1
Jack Skellington Funny Pumpkin Skull Tumbler

Hidden Jack Skellington Pumpkin Spooky Season Tumbler

The best gifts are the ones that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Here’s your chance to help someone relive the magic of Halloween by giving them a hidden Jack Skellington Pumpkin Tumbler! This tumbler is a great piece for all Jack Skellington fans. It is designed for hot and cold drinks. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or water, you’ll be able to enjoy different delicious flavors with the help of this beverage dispenser.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Spooky Season Tumbler Halloween Gift 1
Jack Skellington Pumpkin Spooky Season Tumbler

Glittery Jack Skellington & Sally Tumbler

The glittery Jack Skellington & Sally Halloween tumbler is one of the most fabulous cups out there. That’s because it’s gorgeously decorated with purple and silver glitter, which gives it that glimmering effect in the dark. The tumbler not only looks great, but it functions perfectly too. This is a good-quality drinking vessel that won’t leak or spill. This tumbler will be sure to get everyone talking about its creativity and originality.

Lovely Jack Skellington Leaf Autumn Patterns Tumbler

If you’re searching for something cute and unique, then look no further than this Lovely  Jack Skellington Leaf Autumn Patterns Tumbler. The tumbler features an autumn leaf pattern around the body, and it comes with two different pictures of Jack on the front and back. This tumbler will make sure you’re always ready to drink your favorite hot or cold beverage, and it is also perfect for any Fall, Halloween, or Christmas party. Add a touch of Halloween color to your day with this cute and lovely treat.

Jack Skellington Leaf Autumn Patterns Tumbler

Appealing Jack Skellington Tumblers For Halloween

Great gift for your loved one, this appealing Jack Skellington tumbler is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and give users long-lasting use. This tumbler comes in black and white color with a fantastic stripe pattern and definitely stands out compared to those tumblers out there. If you’re celebrating Halloween in style, this is the recommended way to do it!

Jack Skellington Halloween The Nightmare Before Christmas Tumbler 1
Jack Skellington Halloween The Nightmare Before Christmas Tumbler


If you have to look for the most wonderful Halloween Gift Idea, you can never go wrong with these Jack Skellington tumblers. It would be an ideal gift not only for you but also for every Halloween lover out there. It is safe to say that the appreciation and gratitude of your friends and family will surely make your heart filled with joy. By getting these exceptional tumblers, they can enjoy an exciting and fun day while relaxing together or socializing with each other on their own. Make sure you know what you are looking for. Find the right Jack Skellington tumbler and have a great time drinking your favorite stuff.

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